Why Choose Double Charge Vitrified Tiles?

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Why Choose Double Charge Vitrified Tiles?

Are you looking for Different Italian Colors first ever from India in Double Charge Tile?

High gloss double charged tile. Why should be people? choosing Glaze tile/ GVT/PGVT/MATT because of only single benefit widest variety available, no more life durability due to upper layer made with 1 to 2 mm having thin layer in compare to thick layer in 3 to 4 mm upper body in double charged.

Now widest range of available in double charged tile with high gloss surface.

First ever in India introducing Spanish colors with Italian technology in double charged by ROYALE TOUCHE Vitrified Tiles India a leading brand name manufacturing unique designs unique colors in double charged tile made in India.


Platinum White :-

Are you looking for Highest White in Double Charged Tile (Double Loaded Polished Tile)?

Your wish comes to true in ROYALE TOUCHE VITRIFIED TILES. Our Whitest tile only and only name is PLATINUM WHITE! Apex white in polished doubled charged different white from India.

Have look at a Glance!

Royal White Marble :-

Ultimate looks like surface natural marble high gloss double charged finished! ROYAL WHITE MARBLE your flooring solution in marble finished in their home decoration floor.

Have look at a Glance!



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