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Quality Inspection

Testing of Ceramic Vitrified Tiles

For product conformity, quality control, safety, performance and legislative reasons, we offer testing of ceramic vitrified tiles to a wide range of UK, European and International Standards in our UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

Tiles are categorized through their manufacturing process (extruded or pressed), application, water absorption level, and finish high gloss surface. Once categorized specific tests are applicable from the following list :

  •   Example of check at 2x Slip
  •   Example of check at 2x Open Time
  •   Example of check at 2x Wetting Capability
  •   Example of check at 2x Tensile Strength
  •   Example of check at 2x Shear Test
  •   Example of check at 2x Transverse Deformation
  •   Example of check at 2x Strength following freeze-thaw 
  •   Example of check at 2x Strength following heat-ageing.
  •   Example of check at 2x Abrasion Resistance
  •   Example of check at 2x Compressive Strength
  •   Example of check at 2x Flexural Strength
  •   Example of check at 2x Shrinkage
  •   Example of check at 2x Water Absorption